By Allison Mowatt

IMG_1732It’s pretty transparent how Mesko Glass & Mirror has maintained their success locally and regionally for generations.  Celebrating 88 years in business, with 45 years at their Honesdale location, the Mesko family knows the importance of customer satisfaction, education, strong work ethic and community involvement.

“With hard work and a little luck, our business is always expanding, and we continue providing top level service for our customers,” said Gary Mesko, who is company vice president and manages the Honesdale store, along with his brother Mark, who has been general manager for over 20 years. Between Gary and his other siblings, they run centers in five locations total– Joe in Scranton and Allentown, Robert in Wilkes-Barre, George in Moosic, John at Thermolite, which manufactures vinyl replacement windows and doors,  Mary, who was a company- wide auto glass salesperson, and Barbara, who oversaw various capacities.

Dennis Mulvihill, Brian Sullivan, Carl Merrigan, Gary Mesko & John Mountjoy

Dennis Mulvihill, Brian Sullivan, Carl Merrigan, Gary Mesko & John Mountjoy

It all started during the Depression, when George Mesko opened the Scranton store with an investment of $500 and the hopeful belief that hard work would pay off. After George’s passing, his brother Joe took over the business. In the late 1940s, Joe moved the store a few blocks, and he and his wife raised their 10 children above the shop. Now, decades later, the Mesko Glass story lives on. Gary, one of the 10 brothers and sisters, believes that determination, educating and training employees, close family ties, and an active role in the community each sibling lives in, allows the business to flourish even in times when the economy struggled.

Some services they offer include auto glass, steel doors and hardware, heavy equipment glass, custom mirror installations, framed and heavy glass shower enclosures, aluminum storefronts and doors, vinyl windows and doors for replacement and new construction, insulated glass and single glass for residential applications, sun rooms, screen repairs and replacements, intricate mall specialty assignments, and four season greenhouse projects. Now that spring is here, Gary said the greenhouse installations are very popular.

IMG_0550The Mesko siblings put their heads together every Monday during a conference call and gather once a month for a board meeting. “Of course, we socialize together outside of work, and we can always count on each other,” said Gary.

As for his two sons, Gary passed the torch of knowledge on the glass industry down to them, but they’re both pursuing other careers—Peter is studying natural resources at Cornell University and Gary geochemistry at Columbia University.

“All of us siblings have our strengths and weaknesses and are responsible for our branch of the business. Luckily, we’re readily able to help each other out at any time.”

IMG_1731The Honesdale store is located at 187 Grandview Avenue. For more info, visit or call (570) 253-2550.