JuniorGolfPageGetting your child involved in a sport at a young age keeps them active, social, and confident.  Golf is the perfect sport for young children, adolescents, and teenagers.  It is gaining in popularity as a fun and exciting sport for youngsters for several reasons.  They are able to be outside among nature in beautiful surroundings, and the sport requires concentration with little intimidation. It is also a sport where children can develop and improve in their ability.

It is never too early to expose your child to golf.  If your child has an interest in golf already, encourage that interest and make golf available to him or her.  If your child isn’t familiar with the sport, talk to your child about golf and try motivating them onto the green.  Practice together at home and have fun hitting balls and enjoying the exercise.  You can also take them and some of their friends to a miniature golf course or take them to a driving range where a professional can teach them everything there is to know about the game.  You can also expose your child to the game by watching tournaments together on television.

To get your child started in this unique sport, locate a local golf course that offers a junior program for them with an emphasis on fun and one that nurtures their interest.

Many local golf courses offer affordable junior programs for beginners that will teach them everything from what equipment and dress they need to how to actually play the game, complete with rules of conduct.  Some programs even provide free golf equipment.  These programs usually run through the summer months, and one of the advantages of these programs is the social interaction with peers to which your child will be exposed.

The important thing to remember when teaching youngsters the name of the game is to keep it fun and simple.  When children start learning the game around the age of five, it’s easier for them to gradually evolve with the sport.

Showing your child that golf is a fun sport begins at home, so bond with your children over the game first and then introduce him or her to a golf professional who will broaden their horizons and further their interest in the game.  So get out on the green and have fun this spring with the classic game of golf!