If you are what you eat, you’re probably getting a little less American every day.  The United States’ food supply has become increasingly foreign over the past fifteen years.  A wide variety of fruits and vegetables are now available year-round, long after their seasons have passed locally.
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Fall is the perfect time for wine. Each fall Settlers Hospitality hosts wine pairing dinners that are educational, fun and most of all, tasty.
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Coming off the very busy summer season, Woodloch Pines, an award-winning, all-inclusive family resort, appreciates the calm of fall.
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On Sunday, October 21, 2018, Woodloch Pines Resort will host the 11th Annual A Night for the Cure. The tricky-tray fundraiser benefits the Susan G. Komen for the Cure as part of BK Hope Cures.
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We’ve all had that moment when we’re looking for something in our house and after minutes of searching, shoulders get heaved up and we say: “Well, it’ll turn up.”
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Organized#4We’ve all had that moment when we’re looking for something in our house and after minutes of searching, shoulders get heaved up and we say: “Well, it’ll turn up.”

Spring is about cleaning. Fall is about organizing. Why? Because as the days get shorter and the colder weather looms, you’re going to be spending more and more time indoors. Why not spend that time in a well organized space where you can find what you’re looking for, the moment you’re looking for it?

Here are a few tips and projects to get started with now, so that you can put your feet up by the fire, drink a warm toddy and enjoy a good book, come the first snowfall:

Organized#1Re-organize your mudroom/ entrance hall

With autumn come coats and scarves, sweaters and boots. It’s time to make sure there is a spot for all of these things in your mudroom or entrance hall closet, or you’ll find a pile of ‘stuff’ right behind the door.

  • Use baskets to keep everyone’s smaller items separated and organized. If you have space for a bench, you can store the baskets underneath it, out of the way but still accessible.
  • Hooks make a good spot to hang backpacks and baseball caps, after school. If you have a shelf in your entrance or mudroom, hanging hooks under it is a great start!
  • An elegant umbrella stand is just the ticket to keep those out of the way.
  • Include a boot rack or at least a mat for muddy boots, so you don’t find footprints all over the floor.
  • Have a basket for slippers so that everyone remembers to put those on after they take off their boots (Keep an extra few pairs of hotel style slippers on hand for guests too!)

Organized#3Build your family station Do you have a spot where mail, permission forms and all the paperwork that goes with family ends up? Is it the dining room table or kitchen island? Probably! Now is a great time to set up a new family station with a rack for paperwork, per person, a whiteboard or large family calendar for all the daily details and appointments and a spot for marking shopping list items and important ‘to dos’. If all this information and paperwork is in one place, you’ll never have to go searching for it again.

Organize your garage

Yes, it’s nice to have a garage to store all sorts of things, from garden tools to old boots, but the ideal is to be able to get your car into the space too. Come the first ice up or snowfall, you’ll be grateful to not have to chip off ice and snow for an hour before work.

The key to an organized garage is to use the spaces that aren’t being used, namely wall space. Installing hanging shelving, hooks and other ways to bring your items off the floor and onto the walls is ideal. Plastic lawn chairs suddenly have a new home. The less you can trip over, the better. Even before you start putting all your items on your new shelves, go over what you have and de-clutter. The garage tends to be one of those places where unused items go but this is a good time to decide if you really need them anymore or not.

Put outdoor toys and tools away

Now is a good time to wipe down and put away all your garden accessories and tools.

  • Drain and clean out any water features in your garden. This will prevent them from getting damaged during the upcoming freeze/thaw cycles that come with autumn and winter.
  • Unless you’re a year round BBQ aficionado, clean up the grill as it could be of interest to outdoor critters who are wintering nearby. Clean all the tools that go with it and pop on the cover. Same for the air conditioning unit!
  • Put away, cover, or store your garden furniture.
  • Get all your smaller garden tools out— shears, pruners—and clean / sharpen them before you put them away in a box in the shed, ready for next season’s planting! Also, store hoses and watering cans after draining them and shut off the valve to the outdoor water faucet from the inside of the house.
  • Terracotta pots don’t withstand the ebb and flow of water and ice in the winter, so make sure you bring them into your shed or garage, clean them up and store them for the winter.

TIP: Store them on their sides, not vertically, to ensure they don’t swell and crack in the damp and cold.

Alternate season clothes storage

If you haven’t been doing this before, this is a seasonal essential! Create a space in storage—whether that’s in the basement or another storage area—and designate it as the alternate season space. Start moving clothes, shoes and accessories from spring and summer into it, while placing the fall and winter wear front and center in your everyday use closets. In the spring, you’ll do the reverse, getting heavy coats and boots out of your daily use spaces to make way for spring dresses and sandals.

Get your emergency kit stocked up

If you have a kit, the change of season is a good time to check that you have what you need, in the event of a storm or power outage:

  • Flashlights
  • Extra batteries
  • A hand crank radio
  • Canned and other non-perishable food
  • Water
  • Paper towels and toilet paper

A great way to make sure everyone knows where the water shut off valve is, or where to turn off the power to the furnace, in the case of a flood, is to make a map! Create a map of your floor plans with notes on where to shut off power to your various large appliances that use either water, gas or electricity. In the event of a storm, or a long term outage, you know where everything connects. Keep a copy with your emergency kit and in your family station too.

Organize your decorations and wrapping

With fall come several fun holidays—Halloween and Thanksgiving to name but two—as well as the season of wrapping gifts for all your friends and family! Reorganizing the storage of both your seasonal decorations (think large plastic tub PER holiday) and your wrapping accessories will make them easier to access when you need them.

Some ideas for organizing your wrapping materials?

  • Get a vertical plastic bin that will hold wrapping paper upright and visible.
  • Hang an old rod on the wall and thread spools of ribbon on to it. You need only pull on the one you want to cut what you need: no mess, no fuss.

Got wood?

A wood stove is a lovely way to enjoy a cool fall evening, so make sure you have dry, split wood in an easy to access spot—a porch, for example—and a place to put dry kindling so it doesn’t make a mess all over the floor, like a large cast iron pot.

Keep your pantry neat, batch cook, and re-organize your freezer

Take time to rearrange your pantry so it is neat and organized. Cooler weather also means more stews, casseroles and soups, items you can make ahead and store in your chest freezer for an easy dinner later in the season. This only works if you can find things in your freezer!

  • Put in baskets to organize your frozen foods by type – use color coding if it makes it easier.
  • Freeze soups and stews in freezer bags flat and then store them upright in a magazine holder. They take up less space this way and are still easy to flip through to decide what’s for dinner.
  • Put a list with a whiteboard or chalkboard outside the freezer that indicates what’s in there. When you take something out, take it off the list. This way, when you’re about to go grocery shopping, you can quickly check what’s missing from the freezer, at a glance.

Old habits of dumping clothes and bags on chairs or tables can change. You just have to decide that you want them to. Make it a habit to do a quick pick up of all the common rooms, a couple of times a week, and you won’t have to do a major sort come spring!

Home organization expert for ModularClosets.com, Marty Basher, offers these tips to get and stay organized while moving. Modular Closets are high quality, affordable, and easy to design closet systems that you can order, assemble and install yourself, in no time at all. Visit the website at https://www.modularclosets.com.


AKP_WLP_HAUNTED_HAYRIDE-70_WebSizeAward-winning family resort to offer haunted hayrides, pumpkin painting, costume parties and more during specialty Halloween weekends.

Coming off the very busy summer season, Woodloch Pines, an award-winning, all-inclusive family resort located in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, appreciates the calm of fall. The gorgeous autumnal hues of the changing foliage, the smell of crisp leaves and burning campfires combined with perfect mild temperatures come to mind. For those in the know, fall also marks the start of Woodloch’s signature Haunted Hayrides, one of the family resort’s most popular annual attractions.

For over 25 years now, Woodloch has been thrilling guests with their captivating Haunted Hayrides, which have only become more involved over time. Wagon rides weave through the Pocono resort’s heavily wooded nature trail, showcasing extravagant decorations themed after famous horror films. Woodloch’s enthusiastic activity staff jump at the chance to morph into spooky characters, upping the fright factor for guests. The Haunted Hayrides include sound effects, pyrotechnics, expert lighting and professional costumes and makeup on staffers. New for 2018 are scenes themed after blockbuster horror hits such as Slender Man, Michael, and The Hills Have Eyes.

In addition to their trademark Haunted Hayrides, Halloween stays at the all-inclusive resort feature:

  • Pumpkin Painting
  • Trick or Treating
  • Halloween Costume Parties with games and prizes
  • Competitive contests such as “Halloween Wars,” Scavenger Hunt & “Boo-Lympics”
  • Indoor pool, hot tubs, and Splash Zone featuring a double corkscrew super slide and “Superdome” water tower which sends 300 gallons of water splashing down every few minutes
  • Some of the family resort’s most popular amenities such as a zip-line and climbing wall, go-karts, bumper cars, and a Broadway-style theme show

Woodloch’s activities director, Joey Ranner, remarks, “You truly have to experience our Haunted Hayrides firsthand to ‘get’ what they’re all about. Each year, our staff outdoes themselves getting into character, crafting costumes and creating extra spooky scenes. The reaction from our guests is priceless! It sounds crazy, but we all get excited about this time of year as soon as it ends the year prior.”

Halloween Weekend rates start at $199 per adult, per night. To obtain more information or to book a stay, please visit www.woodloch.com or call 1-800-Woodloch.

About Woodloch Pines Resort:

Creating a magical experience for families since 1958, Woodloch Pines Resort’s signature warm hospitality keeps guests returning year after year and offers a truly unique all-inclusive family vacation experience fitting for everyone’s taste.   An award-winning family resort, championship golf course and sister property featuring a luxury destination spa are just 95 scenic and convenient miles from New York City nestled in the Pocono Mountains Lake Region.


NightforCureSusanKomen20185On Sunday, October 21, 2018, Woodloch Pines Resort will host the 11th Annual A Night for the Cure. The tricky-tray fundraiser benefits the Susan G. Komen for the Cure as part of BK Hope Cures. Originally established 19 years ago by Bob Kiesendahl (BK), co-owner of Woodloch and leukemia survivor, the organization’s mission is to raise awareness and funds in the fight against cancer.

Last year’s event attracted 400 attendees and raised over $20,000, 100% of which benefits the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. 50% of the dollars raised stay right here in Northeast Pennsylvania for education, screening and treatment grants, and 50% goes towards cancer research.

Held in the Heritage Nightclub at Woodloch Pines from 5 to 8 PM, the family-friendly evening will feature over 150 items donated by local individuals and businesses, as well as wine and beer tastings, chair massages, face painting for children, hors d’oeuvres, a dessert table, and a 50/50 raffle. Guests will enjoy live entertainment and have the chance to win overnight stay packages at the area’s leading resorts and hotels, dining gift certificates, unique gift baskets as well as this year’s raffle prize – a Perception Swifty Kayak! Admission costs $10, and 100% of the proceeds are donated. The dress code is casual, and attendees are encouraged to wear pink in support of the cause.

“Now in its 11th year, the event gets better each time. It’s a great night to get together with friends, show our support for the survivors, and raise money for the cause. We are so grateful to the local businesses and individuals who donate their time and talents to make A Night for the Cure spectacular. All of this hard work and generosity is truly making a difference in the battle against cancer,”” said Bob Kiesendahl.

In addition to A Night for the Cure, Hope Cures also holds two other fundraising events each year, which include both a golf tournament and a 5K run/walk.

These funds benefit cancer research and patient care at several worthy facilities and foundations.

During the past 19 years, Hope Cures has raised over $1.2 million.

For more information about Hope Cures and this October’s great event, please visit: www.bkhopecures.org/trickytray. Additionally, table and room reservations can be arranged by calling 570-685-8002.

Woodloch Resort to Host 11th Annual “A Night for the Cure” Benefitting Susan G. Komen for the Cure of NEPA raising funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer.

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SettlersFatherSon_SettlersInn_2015015Fall is the perfect time for wine. Each fall Settlers Hospitality hosts wine pairing dinners that are educational, fun and most of all, tasty. This year they kicked things off at Glass-wine.bar.kitchen September 21st with their Chile vs. Argentina Wine Dinner.

This month The Settlers Inn will also host a wine dinner on October 5th with a focus on our local farmers. The Farmers Harvest Wine Dinner will highlight the delectable local produce of the season with wine selected by sommelier, Claude Briere. The chefs are featuring items like Cherry, Pecan and Goat Cheese Truffles, Smoked and Grilled Lato Sud Butternut Squash Rounds, Grilled Venison Loin with Butternut Béarnaise Sauce and fall treats will round out the meal. Reservations and additional information can be found at TheSettlersInn.com or 570.226.2993.

The third wine dinner is a staple for The Settlers Inn, and a guest favorite. The Italian Wine Dinner, which is happening on November 9th, is a pairing of delectable Italian dishes with regional Italian wines.

If you love wine or are curious to enter the world of wine, then these wine dinners will expand and delight your palate. To learn more about any of these Wine Dinners, check out SettlersHospitality.com or call 570.226.2993.

About Settlers Hospitality

Settlers Hospitality is a family run hospitality group in Hawley, PA consisting of The Settlers Inn, Ledges Hotel, Silver Birches Resort, Hotel Anthracite, Sayre Mansion, The Dock on Wallenpaupack, Glass-wine.bar.kitchen, Kol Steakhouse, Cocoon Coffeehouse, Lake Region Fitness, The Mill Market Bakery, & Art on the Edge.