By Allison Mowatt

Do high transportation costs deter people who work in metro areas from wanting to live in the scenic Pocono Mountains? Are these costs a deciding factor with people selling their homes here and moving closer to where they work in the city? Several local real estate experts offer their insights on the challenges they find selling “country” properties when people travel to jobs within the tri-state area.


Tim Meagher

Broker/Owner at RE/MAX Wayne, Honesdale RemaxLogo

“At RE/MAX, we’ve seen a small shift locally with people wanting to save on travel time and costs,” said Meagher.


“For instance, last year we helped a family sell their home in Hawley and purchase a home in Cherry Ridge Township on the southern side of Honesdale because it was fifteen miles closer to a job in Monroe County. We also helped another family sell their home in Waymart and purchase one in the Milford area because it would save sixty miles round trip in travel time and costs when commuting to Brooklyn on a daily basis. This small shift isn’t making it difficult to find buyers for our properties, and we don’t have a lot of people selling for this reason. There are many reasons why our area of the Northern Poconos in Wayne and Pike counties is a great place live, work, raise a family, retire, play, and explore the endless recreational activities we have to offer.”

“In the ever changing world of real estate where relationships can be lost to technology, we continue to stick to our core values,” Meagher emphasized. “As a local family-owned company with three RE/MAX offices and over forty agents and staff covering Northeastern Pennsylvania, we strive on treating all of our customers like family. Through our process, if we find the home they want is too far away from their work and the cost of commuting is going to hurt them in the long run, we will advise them that we may need to look at homes closer to their place of business.”

Meagher reveals, “We track our advertising and target buyers in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. We’re aware of where our buyers are coming from, and we can invest more money into the best strategies that produce the most buyers for our listings.”

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Thomas R. Wilkins BetterHomesLogo

CEO/ Broker at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates, Stroudsburg

“There are two main reasons why families still choose to live in beautiful Northeast-ern Pennsylvania even if they have a long commute to their job in the city: affordability and technology,” stated Wilkins.

The cost of living is always more expensive in New York and New Jersey and continues to rise. People choose to live in the Pocono Mountains where the cost of living is cheaper but still commute to work even if they’re looking at high transportation costs.

Wilkins further commented, “From what I see, people don’t complain about this. Those who live in the Pocono Mountains that’s closer to the city, such as the Milford or Strouds-burg areas, see it as a balance whether they’re driving from those areas or happen to live ten miles outside of New York, as in Staten Island. For them, it ends up being the same hour and a half commute. People purchasing homes here remains popular, and it’s not going to go away.”

With regards to technology, Wilkins said, “With advanced technology, people don’t necessarily have to drive into the city every day. They can either work from home, or their jobs allow them to double up on shifts so they only have to go into the city two or three times a week.” Some examples of these jobs are law enforcement, health care providers, and firemen.

Interestingly enough, people, who lived in the city and had a shorter commute to work who now live in Northeastern Pennsylvania and have a longer drive, miss the vast offerings of food available in a metro area.

“That’s what people talk about; not how expensive it is to get to work,” Wilkins chuckled.

Wilkins closed by saying, “I don’t think high transportation costs will have a negative impact on our real estate sales as we continue moving forward.”

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John Schmitt

Vice President at Davis R. Chant Realtors, Honesdale Chant-BCVector


“At Chant, we haven’t experienced any major issues with transportation costs affecting our sales, “said Schmitt.

“Approximately 70% of our sales are second home buyers who have purchased farms, country estates, and vacation homes here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. These buyers are families who primarily live in the metro areas of New York, Philadelphia, and Connecticut. They enjoy the mountains on the weekends and extended vacations, or in some cases, are looking for retirement homes for the future.”

Schmitt continues, “The other 30% are primary home buyers who, in most cases, live and work locally or carry on business activities in their homes and/or cottage industry. In some cases, they will commute back to the metro areas a few days a week. We’ve found our customer’s decision whether or not to purchase in our region is not based on the distance to town, but rather on the beauty and charm of our area.

This is the 51st year Davis R. Chant Realtors has been matching buyers with sellers of country properties in Northeastern Pennsyl-vania. Over 25,000 properties have changed hands, through our hands and we plan on continuing our extensive marketing programs in the metro areas,” Schmitt concludes.

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Of course, some people decide to live closer to their jobs in the city, for a variety of reasons, but the appeal of living in the breathtakingly unparalleled beauty of the Pocono Mountains isn’t lost on others who find you can’t put a price on a “country” quality of life.