June 2012 Cover Story

Louis Pereya

Born in 1972, Louis Pereya grew up in suburban northern New Jersey.  From an early age, one of his favorite activities was to watch life unfold in front of him and to capture as much as he could, both physically and mentally.  Little did he know that this childhood pastime would benefit him greatly later in life.

In 1996, after completing his term in the military and living in Germany as a civilian for a couple years, Louis returned to the United States in search of a solid career and hopefully, to start a family.  Working as an electrician, Louis realized that something was missing.  Yes, Louis enjoyed working with his hands and he took pride in his work, but there was nothing really to show for it, no real excitement or satisfaction.  Boring!  Then ten years ago, Louis picked up a camera, looked through the viewfinder, and saw life in a totally new and different perspective.  Here was something extremely exciting to him and a way to not only observe life, but to create, capture, and preserve it.

At first, everything was photographed using film.  He loved his Olympus film camera, but he quickly realized after countless prints, “This is going to be an expensive hobby.”  However, with the advent of digital photography, the costs involved were now greatly reduced.  Louis put down his film camera and purchased his first digital camera in 2000.  His Sony F707 gave him the opportunity to experiment and learn from his mistakes and also keep the costs down.  Louis decided to really get serious with his photography.

To start, he chose not to rely on the on-camera “benefits” of the viewer on the back of his camera to see if the image he just created “looked good.”  Louis wanted to use the digital camera in the manual mode as if it were a film camera.  Using the manual settings on his camera and not relying on the auto setting, he gained the rush from creating an image that “looked great” by using a light meter, setting the camera accordingly, and capturing exactly what he envisioned the image to be.  He loved and welcomed this challenge every time he picked up the camera.  No subject was immune from Louis’ appetite to photograph it.  From then on, Louis, with the help and encouragement of his family, decided to devote all his time to his passion, which eventually became his career.

Spending countless hours learning and perfecting the necessary lighting, composition, and layout techniques, Louis developed the skills and diverse styles necessary to become a successful product photographer.  Blessed with opportunities to complete numerous ad campaign projects for jewelers and shoe manufacturers and everything in between, some of his successful ad campaigns were published in magazines such as Allure, Lucky, Vogue and W, which are great highlights in his career.  Though proud of his accomplishments thus far, he looks forward to accomplishing much more, both in his career and in his personal life.

Now living with his wife and children in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, Louis gives major credit to his family for sparking his interest and endless craving for creativity.  In between product and commercial assignments, Louis works on other photography assignments that are now dear to his heart, life style, events, and recently, live theatre and music events.  For the past five years, Louis has volunteered at the Ritz Playhouse in Hawley as their house photographer.  Photographing any live event where he has no control over factors such as lighting and movement gives another whole different kind of rush for Louis, allowing him to really test his camera skills while demonstrating the ability to capture emotion that is raw and unpredictable.  From the natural light of an on-location shoot to the spotlights on the stage, Louis welcomes the challenge of photographing live events, as well as any other photography challenge, with an open mind and an open shutter.

Louis is a member of the Wayne County Arts Alliance and looks forward to the opportunities and many great programs available.  Some of Louis’ work can be viewed at his web site: www.louispereyra.com.