Good stuff box-gs-600There is no need to have it all, just make the best of what you have.

Summer’s not over yet… lots to do!  As summer winds down, the area gears up with some great fun-filled family events.  Take it easy with the tribute band concert, Best of the Eagles, with the WMH Auxiliary, kick it up at Hawley’s Harvest Hoedown festival or take a buzz by the Honeybee Fest in Narrowsburg, NY.

Plus, check out the new book by local author, Tom Graham, called Deadfall: The Fallen Forest.  It’s an environmental disaster story in which trees begin to simply fall throughout the American northeast. Only a few at first, but a gathering storm promises a disaster of biblical proportions – due in only four days.

And, for those starting a new chapter in their own book… check out the tips for parenting a college freshman.

September issue is buzzing with GOOD STUFF for everyone… enjoy!

CM Team