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A Stitch in Time, Honesdale
AM Skier, Hawley
Aurel, Hamlin
Bethany Village, Honesdale
Caesars Cove Haven, Hamlin
Century 21-Select, Hamlin
Chant Realtors, Honesdale
Chant Realtors, Hamlin
Clemleddy, Hawley
Comfort Inn, Hamlin
Comprehensive Physical Therapy, Hawley
Coras Restaurant, Hawley
Country Dawn, Honesdale
CVS, Honesdale
Dave’s Super Duper, Honesdale
Davita, Honesdale
Dental Clinic in Strourbridge Center, Honesdale
Dime Bank, Honesdale
Dirlam Brothers, Honesdale
Dr. John Ridd, Hawley
Eastern Propane, Hawley
Edward Jones, Honesdale
Falls Port Inn, Hawley
Hanson Gallery, Honesdale
Hawley Cultural Center, Hawley
Hawley Library, Hawley
Honesdale National Bank, Honesdale
Hotel Café, Honesdale
Hotel Wayne, Honesdale
Howe’s Convenient, Lake Ariel
Fiesta on Main, Honesdale
IGA-Lower, Hawley
IGA-Upper, Hawley
James Manning House, Bethany
Jukebox Classics, Hawley
Karen’s Video, Lakeville
Kitchen Center, Honesdale
Ledges Hotel, Hawley
Library, Honesdale
Mesko Glass, Honesdale
Mike’s Pizzeria, Hawley
Morning Glory, Honesdale
Pet Central, Honesdale
Picture Perfect Framing, Hawley
Rite-Aid, Hamlin
Roche, Honesdale
Schwarz, Honesdale
Settler Inn, Hawley
Shelly Diner, Hamlin
Smiles By Design, Honesdale
Southern Wayne Chamber, Hamlin
Teeters Furniture, Hawley
The Gentle Arts, Honesdale
The Glass Hat, Hamlin
Timely Treasures, Hawley
Towne house Diner, Honesdale
Tri-County Distribution, Honesdale
Twin Rocks, Hamlin
Visitor Center, Honesdale
Wallflower, Honesdale
Wayne Chamber, Honesdale
Wayne County Arts Alliance, Honesdale
Wayne Memorial Hearing Solutions, Honesdale
Wayne Memorial Hospital, Honesdale
Wayne Memorial in Strourbridge, Honesdale
Weis Market, Hamlin
What Knot’s, Hawley

Lackawanna County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Montage Mt
Northeast Surgery Center, Dickson City
Northern Light Coffee, Scranton
Pediatrics of NEPA, Dickson City
Radisson Hotel, Scranton
Starbucks, Montage Mt
Texas Roadhouse, Dickson City
TGI Fridays, Dickson City
The Lackawanna Valley Dermatology Center, Dickson City
UNO Chicago Grill, Dickson City

Pocono Inne, Monroe
Bushkill Corners Deli, Monroe
Bushkill Falls, Bushkill
Callie’s Candy Kitchen, Monroe
Carroll & Carroll Book Sellers, Monroe
Continental Grill, Monroe
Crescent Lodge, Monroe
Mountainhome Deli, Monroe
Mountainhome Diner, Monroe
Sam Sneads Restaurant, Monroe
Shawnee Inn, Monroe
Shawnee Playhouse, Shawnee on Delaware
Sherman Theater, Monroe
The Forks Restaurant, Monroe
Visitors Center, Monroe

Advanced Chiropractic, Milford
Advanced Dermatology, Milford
Advantage Abstract, Dingmans Ferry
Agway, Greentown
Apple Grill, Matamoras
Apple Valley Restaurant, Milford
Arnolds Country Mini Mart, Dingmans Ferry
Balchs Restaurant, Milford
Best Western, Matamoras
Books & Prints at Pear Alley, Milford
Brace Place, Milford
Cardiology Associates of Sussex, Milford
Chant Realtors, Hawley
Chant Realtors, Milford
Chant Realtors, Lords Valley
Craft Show Milford
Denim or Lace, Milford
Dimmick Inn, Milford
Done-Helene Hair Salon, Milford
Dr, Garrison, Milford
Dr. Donna Cappolla, Dentist, Milford
Dr. Frankel, Milford
Dr. Vergara, Milford
Dr. William Haggerty, DDS, Milford
Drayer Physical Therapy, Milford
Dutch’s Market, Greentown
East Shore Lodging, Lake Wallenpaupack
EastWest Healthcare, Milford
Ehrhardt Waterfront Restaurant, Hawley
Falites Restaurant, Dingmans Ferry
Forklift Cafe, Dingmans Ferry
Furniture Find, Milford
Geba Real Estate, Milford
Grand Union, Milford
Gresham’s Chop House, Hawley
Gresham Motel, Hawley
Hampton Inn, Matamoras
Hawley Visitors Center, Lake Wallenpaupack
Hemlock Farms, Lords Valley
Honesdale National Bank, Hawley
John A Fischer,OD, Milford
John’s General Store, Hawley
John Italian Restaurant, Greentown
Lighthouse Harbor, Greentown
Milford Diner, Milford
Milford Health & Wellness Center, Milford
Milford OB/GYN, Milford
Mr. B’sExxon/Store, Greeley
Mt. Haven Resort, Milford
Pike County Chamber of Commerce, Milford
Pocono Pizza, Hawley
Ray & Charles, Dingmans Ferry
Safe Haven, Milford
Skyland Pediatrics, Milford
The Artery, Milford
The Artisan Exchange, Milford
The Dime Bank, Dingmans Ferry
The Wayne Bank, Milford
Visitor Center, Matamoras
Wallenpaupack High School, Hawley
Water Wheel Cafe, Milford
Wayne Memorial Healthcare, Lords Valley
Woodloch Springs, Pike
Zaleski Optical gallery, Milford